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Florentine steak of Chianina meat

It is a cut obtained from the final part of the loin considered even more prized because it is also partly made from the fillet. The higher thickness than the rib replies to the ancient Tuscan tradition from which the name rightly derives. Fiorentina does not exist without Chianina the great elegant and powerful meat breed is the secret of this Tuscan delicacy. A steak of at least 4 cm. of thickness and 800 gr. of weight will certainly be a real Florentine steak. - Another piece on which it does not pass is that of the form. It must be heart-shaped with not too thick layers of white fat around it and the spine at the center to draw the T on one side of the bone the fillet on the other side the sirloin.

Beef entrecote

Among the noble cuts of beef the entrecote lends itself to be cooked in different ways. Whoever simply prefers to grill it over the embers and who uses it to make the’Tagliata’(Slices) being an extremely tender and tasty meat is is practically impossible to make a bad dish with 'the .entrecote'. The format we propose is a meat slice of about 300 grams ready to be cooked on the grill for a few minutes lightly flavored with a hint of oil and a little salt.

Mutton meat Steacks

A delicacy capable of captivating even the most sophisticated palates. The genuine flavor is enhanced by grilling but the characteristic marbling of this particular cut makes these steaks of mutton extremely versatile so that they can also be cooked in the oven or in a pan with adequate cooking seasoning.

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