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Angus cattle meat Skewers

From the meeting between the boundless North American prairies and the harsh grazing lands of Abruzzo the Angus black beef roast is born. Tender and very tasty thanks to the particular marbling of the cuts used it will make you travel across the enchanting flavors and places.

Hand made cattle meat Skewers

Fasten your seatbelts! Before you taste these Arrosticini you must be ready for a distant journey to the center of the universe of pleasure and good food. It is there that you will be transported from the first step of the 'King bites’ tender tasty and engaging for an experience that is repeated at every taste.

Chianina cattle meat Skewers

You can't not try at least once the queen of Italian beef in the delicious form of the classic Arrosticino. A different and alternative way but certainly pleasant to taste Chianina meat. Particularly suitable for younger consumers who do not like to eat the classic slice of meat ... the Chianina meat Skewer is never said no!.

Original lamb meat Skewers

A return to the past with this particular format. Who was lucky enough to taste the 'Rustell' of Abruzzo in the 70s and 80s will undoubtedly remember the full cartons steaming skewers in the middle of those pleasant tables. Those original Arrosticini different from each other because they are hand-made one by one they were revealed bite after bite in all their goodness. Even those who have not lived those unforgettable experiences thanks to these original Arrosticini will have the possibility of reliving the same sensations.

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